The Gospel of Discontent

All progress proceeds from discontent.

It’s the first step if you want to attain anything. It’s what gets us to take that next step in the adventure called life.

When we are content we sometimes can stop the wheels of our own progress.

Work up a lather around being dissatisfied about where you are, and you’re sure to take the next step to get you out of there.

Discontent feeds your desire to change. Use it to your advantage.

The Power isn’t in the Money…

Radix Malorum est Cupiditas – The LOVE of money is the root of all evil.

Money doesn’t grow on trees

If I just had more money I would…

It’s sad that so much faith is put in money. We think about money ALL the time. Getting more. Getting by. Getting out of debt. Winning the Lotto. Getting an inheritance.

Everything’s gonna be alright once I have enough money!

Where’s the power though – in the money – or within each of us?

Having left my job since 1994 I have always been responsible for making money to support myself. There have been good times and very bad times but this is what I’ve learnt:

Whenever I focus purely on ‘the money’ I usually find getting work much harder. Whenever I focus on what value I can add to someone’s life or how I can really make a difference then the money flows.

Money really has no power. We all can create the money we need based on the what we can give – the value we bring to the table.

We must recognize and respect the ideas that we get: the thoughts of making a difference, the dreams that we dream of solutions to pressing problems and instead of thinking that we could only bring those ideas to fruition WITH money – let’s channel our energies in stoking the fire of our DESIRE to bring the ideas to  life. Let’s work on our belief that it’s possible and that we would not have been given the idea without the option of its possibility. It’s really up to us. Our thoughts and ideas are our money.

As Robert Collier said: “The secret of success lies in this: There is inside you a Seed of Life capable of drawing to you any element you need, to bring to fruition whatever of good you desire. But like all other seeds, its shell must be broken before the kernel inside can use its attractive power. And that shell is thicker, harder, than the shell of any seed on earth. Only one thing will break it – heat from WITHIN – a desire so strong, a determination so intense, that you cheerfully throw everything you have into the scale to win what you want. ”

In other words we need to take good care of our ideas (our money).

Let’s not just dismiss our thoughts as impossible. Let’s put faith where faith needs to be put – internally – on nurturing and growing those idea seeds.

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If you can see it, then you start to feel it…


There is a beautiful song by Tuck and Patti called Dream that I loved the first time I ever heard it. It’s all about turning our dreams into reality and so there is a part in the song that gives instructions as to how to do that…

If you can see it
Then you start to feel it
The next thing you know, you believe
And that’s when dreams begin to come true

It’s the same set of instructions Napoleon Hill gives if you want to turn your desire into riches.

  • Decide on the amount.
  • See yourself already in possession of it
  • Really believe that it is already yours

Just seeing it is not enough.

Saying out loud that you want it – will not do you any good either.

Only when thoughts are mixed with feeling do they gain entry into the subconscious mind – that fertile field that will give you exactly what you ask for as it connects with Infinite Intelligence.

Think of it like your very own chemistry experiment with FAITH being the head chemist.






How to get what you say you want

According to Wikipedia ‘a pet fence or fence-less boundary is a wire around the perimeter of a home, designed to keep a pet within the boundaries of the property without the use of a physical barrier. The wire (which may be buried) carries a radio signal, while the pet wears a lightweight receiver collar which emits a warning sound when the pet nears the boundary. If the warning is ignored and the pet crosses beyond the boundary of the fence, the pet receives a mild electric shock. The pet soon learns to avoid the invisible fence location, making it an effective virtual barrier.’

When you consider it – we create our own invisible fences in our mind – barriers to making progress. Make no mistake – we create them. You know you’re approaching your fence when you begin to feel afraid, and rather than press on through the ‘shock’ we stay just behind the fence in our comfort zone unable to move any further.

Our dreams, goals and desires pretty much get stuck and unless we do something about the fence they remain there haunting us and sometimes making us very miserable!

The good news is that you are the contractor who put up the fence and you can be the demolition person to take it down. Just remember that it took you quite some time to build this fence so give yourself enough time to take it down. Prepare yourself for a little ‘shock’ when you try to walk past the fence but the pain of that is never going to be as bad as leaving your dreams stuck in limbo forever.

Every time you feel like you’re approaching a ‘fence’ that’s hindering your growth – think about the tennis ball stuck in the fence as your goal. All it needs is a little nudge from you – to set that goal, idea, or desire – FREE!

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