About Giselle

Giselle helps people capture and communicate their story.

I have always loved writing…it’s in my DNA! And I love a great story!

20181005_112035In Trinidad and Tobago we are natural storytellers but when it comes to telling the story about ourselves and our businesses we transition into a cold disconnected “corporate speak” that is unattractive and misrepresents who we really are.

As a storytelling coach I work with professionals helping them develop their brand by telling their unique story in a non-salesy way.

As a consultant I work with executives helping them to build better teams and clarify their stories to amplify their impact.

I also write a regular column in the Business Newsday, with the intent to effect change and transformation in people’s lives and in their businesses.

I am always asking questions, probing and remaining curious:

  • What is the real driver behind an individual’s success?
  • Why do some people succeed far more frequently than others?
  • Are each of us truly unique individuals?
  • Why has “finding ones purpose” tormented so many souls in this lifetime?
  • Do the rich truly get richer?
  • Would winning the Lotto change a life indefinitely?
  • Why is money pursued and why so many of us have so little of it?
  • Why does goal setting seem so simple yet actually achieving goals always so difficult?
  • Is it possible to do what you love and earn a living from it?
  • Does the Law of Attraction work?
  • Why is change so difficult?
  • Is it possible for life as we know it in Trinidad and Tobago, to change – less crime, more rewarding opportunities, operating at world class?

I am in search of answers, and the more I write, the deeper I go and the closer I get to really understanding what is required to live life successfully on your terms AND thrive!