Happiness…will you find it this year?

I recently purchased a book called “Stumbling upon happiness” – which I must admit, I haven’t finished reading yet. And then of course there was the book and movie – “In pursuit of happyness” It seems that we often ask the question: When am I going to be happy? And if I’m not mistaken this is also a book title.

So for the new year – will you find happiness?

“Despite our search for stability and prediction, for the centre of our lives to hold firm, it never does. Life is wilder than that – a flow we can’t command or stave off ” – Sharon Salzberg

Truth be told, we are happier when life is messy. I don’t think that life was meant to be perfect. Life is meant to be lived – embraced…Accept life as it presents itself. Do not try to control or manipulate your life. But do what you must to create the best life for you and with that happiness will bubble up. Happiness is an experience. Stop trying to find it. It will find you.

One response to “Happiness…will you find it this year?”

  1. Indeed we may be happier when life is messy , I often can’t get going without a little or a lot of stress. I’m learning to be more positive with my motivations. I agree with your comment on control, letting go of control of our lives can open us up to what the universe has in store.

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