The Writer

Giselle is a content creator, storyteller and ghostwriter.

She wrote a regular column in both the Business Newsday and the Express Woman for more than 10+ years and for about 3 years was a regular guest on 103.5 FM with host Marcia Miranda.

She has also worked with brands such as Berrycove, Microsoft, and Cable and Wireless.

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Giselle believes that we all have a story to tell. Click here to read about other Trinbagonians, creating success on their terms.

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What am I thinking about?

I have always loved reading.

My mother discovered that I could read when, tired one night, she tried to skip pages as she read to me from Chippy Chipmunk. To her surprise, I told her she had skipped pages, so she asked me to show her where she skipped from…and I did.

My reading appetite is vast. I choose books never by bestseller status. In fact, I really don’t choose the books – they choose me. My friends have given up on buying books for me. Chances are, it’s already on my shelf!

Thought I would start keeping track of the thoughts, ideas and insights I get from the books and articles I’m reading, the movies or television series I’m watching or the podcasts and motivational speeches I listen to. I created this page just for that.

Project ideas

We are limited by what we cannot articulate about ourselves.

Whether you need help writing a speech, promotional piece about your service, your bio, the about us page on your website or would like to finally birth that book. Alternatively you may need to create a case study or a mini info pack for download on your website.

The bottom line is, if you have something to say, and need some help saying it – you are in the right place.