Looking for 7 Courageous People

…to join me in taking a thirty day challenge – to change a habit that you’ve been trying to change for a long time.

The kind of habit that you’ve used this sentence with ———>

“Starting from tomorrow, I am no longer going to do X, or I’m going to stop Y”

Yes, that thing you tried to stop/start that after around day three or four – it had you licked, and you went right back to doing what you were doing all along.

By now, you are totally upset with yourself, and you feel you will NEVER get X or Y done in this lifetime.

I need you to THINK about it carefully and to step forward with a DESIRE to truly want to make a change.

I’ll show you how! 🙂

If you’re ready, email me at giselle@connecting4profit.com and you’ll get instructions as to what to do next.

But email ONLY IF YOU’RE SERIOUS and tell me why you think that I should choose to work with you!

Aren’t you just sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Make a change for yourself TODAY!

[Remember – I’m only choosing 7]

I welcome your feedback

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