Some interesting “truths” – no one is exempt :)

People love to use the phrase ‘the truth shall set you free’ especially if they’re trying to get some juicy gossip out of you :). And for more serious matters they might use as a warning -‘what’s done in darkness WILL come to light!’ (Be very afraid…)

Many of us are not as truthful as this woman being interviewed in the clip below…

Yet all humans follow basic behavioral psychology.  No one is exempt – no matter how smart you think you are. Check out the following list and see if you agree:

  • We all want to be loved.
  • To feel pleasure.
  • Avoid pain.
  • Want to be looked up to by others.
  • Want things we don’t have.
  • Think the grass is greener on the other side.
  • Always look for a better deal.
  • Are uncomfortable of change and the unknown.
  • Tell white lies if we think it will help.
  • Second guess if we are making the right decisions.
  • At times, wish we were someone else.
  • Think others have it easier – and envy them for it.
  • Know that there is untapped potential inside you that you are not using to it’s full potential.
  • Secretly worry if you are worthy of that success and if you can handle it if you achieve it.

I welcome your feedback

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