If you teach – You have to live your teaching

Have you ever received information that knocked the wind out of you – left you feeling a little discouraged – perhaps jaded? And almost as if there were two of you – you hear one voice wanting to react in one way and the other wanting to do what is the RIGHT thing for you?

Taking your own medicine isn’t easy especially when you want to add some sugar but can’t seem to add enough to change the bad taste in your mouth

Maya Angelou said it better – If you teach – You have to live your teaching.

No ifs or buts. No – ‘my situation is different’

I so want to be a victim today for instance but Maya got me just in time.

I teach “What someone else is doing is none of your business,” and I also quote Joanne Kilgour frequently “What is for you cannot be un-for you”

Today I have to live that based on some information that has been brought to my attention TWICE!

I understand why the victim voice going haywire in my head wants justice. It’s there to  protect me from harm. But there really is no harm. I have to live my teaching. And so I know that the information brought to my attention is none of my business. I certainly needed to be aware and to learn the lesson that came along for the ride. But that’s all. I also know that was is FOR me in this case still remains FOR me!

Now that I’ve done that I can focus on my own light.

Today – don’t let anyone distract you or be distracted by what others are doing.

Do what you’ve been destined to do – do it well and do it to the best of your ability.

In the end you will find “You will rise!”

“Thank you Madame Angelou” and  of course “Thanks to meh sister Joanne!”


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