Let the Music of Your Heart Reveal Itself to You

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Music of the Heart is a book and film based on the true story of Roberta Guaspari-Tzavaras and her passion for teaching.

As single mother of two young children, whose husband had left her for a family friend, she leaves the security of her small hometown and moves to East Harlem and begins teaching violin to support her family. She didn’t have extensive experience to offer the school but she had her talent, her determination, and her violins!

At first, the kids, the parents, and the principal were skeptical. But, Roberta taught with such passion that it was infectious and soon her young violinists were manifesting incredible results–they were making beautiful, sophisticated music. The children proved to be dedicated, bright and disciplined young musicians. Despite her success, after 10 years of teaching, the Board of Education eliminates her position due to budget cuts, Roberta fights back and refuses to stop. Instead she starts her own non-profit organization to fund a violin program for three East Harlem public schools.

George Eliot tells us that “It’s never too late to be what you might have been”

Sometimes life literally SHOVES us in a direction that we resist.

Sometimes we have to make a survival decision like Roberta – to do something to take care of our family.

We have all been given a sense of passion that is unique. It is up to us to follow and see where it takes us. Life only reveals itself moment by moment. Give up the idea that you’re going to get ALL the details upfront.

Fortunately for you – there are no ‘how tos”. It involves becoming aware and detecting what feels right to your soul. Let the music  of your heart reveal itself to you. Appreciate what you’re bringing to the world. There are people out there YEARNING for your contribution and your own INNER YEARNING requires OUTWARD EXPRESSION.



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