The Unrest Within isn’t Necessarily NEGATIVE

mocha momentsI read this recently from a book I’m re-reading called “The Sacred YES” by Rev Deborah L. Johnson:

Way too often you mis-characterize the unrest within you as negativity. The worry, the anxieties, the doubts, the trepidation that you feel are automatically assumed to be, and therefore are dismissed as negativity.

We tend to run away from these rumblings but this is the Light. It may be inverted but it’s our Light nonetheless. The rumblings are our light from within, trying to break out.

I NEVER looked at it this way. Whenever there was doubt or uncertainty I felt it was a stop sign. Now I’m realizing that I need to pay attention. The discomfort is a clue that leads me to my authentic self. What a gift. Who would have “thunk”.


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