In order to change some things in your life…

You need to change some things in your life!

Sounds like double speak I know – but it makes sense.

Except for habits.

I’ve been doing an exercise since the 7th July 2010, recommended by my guru of choice for the next 6 mths – Eben Pagan.


In your journal – on the left hand page write:

“If I continue to live my life this way…”

and on the right hand page you write:

“If I surround myself with success models…”

For each you complete ten sentences…left hand side…AS SOON AS YOU ARISE and right hand side…just before going to bed.

The first couple of days was hard. Now that I have been doing it for 21 days – the wiring is beginning to set. It’s taking less effort and now I feel that I can’t NOT do it.

Now I had other rituals before this one. And even if you don’t have a conscious ritual, trust me, you probably perform the same routine, day in, day out!

What I did by introducing Eben’s recommendation was to replace whatever I was doing first when I got up…with this new habit.

Focusing on changing habits is hard. Replacing is easier on the mind and before you know it – just like me – a new habit would have taken root.

And btw – you should try the exercise Eben recommends. It is going to change your life!

Let me know how you’ve replaced some habits in your life…

3 responses to “In order to change some things in your life…”

  1. This sounds like a VERY POWERFUL exercise to evoke change. I love it!!! I’ve been looking into this very subject lately and there is so much information out there, the mind boggles. I like this, though, because writing is certainly a transforming process for me. I also recently found a free e-book by Richard Fast that delves into the formations of habits through our thinking. I always like to know ‘how’ and ‘why’ something is happening, and this e-book is quite enlightening in that regard. You might want to check it out as a supplement to what you’re doing here. Every little piece of knowledge that crosses my path I consider a help! And thanks again for you post, and sharing this process. I wish you the best!

  2. Molly, thank you for your kind comments and a million thanks for the 29 day resource! I downloaded and am anxious to start going through!

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