“Oh so you’re freelancing…”

When I first decided that I would go into business for myself I started off handling print projects for clients. It was a natural progression as my last job was with a print company – and I knew print well. Then I expanded and started providing solutions for marketing and advertising. I also provided in house training for my customers in customer service and sales, wrote advertising copy for a boutique agency and hosted my own seminars – all geared towards helping my customers run better businesses.

Throughout this journey, I would always cringe when asked “So what are you doing NOW?” My immediate reaction was anger. I felt put upon and put down.  I figured that by now people would know what I was doing. I felt that by the very question they were somehow poking holes in my ability to actually run a successful business. Of course this was MY OWN INSECURITY rearing its head.

You see I felt that being in business for yourself should LOOK a particular kind of way. I had clients along the way, criticize titles I chose for myself in lieu of Managing Director, or Chief Executive Officer – but I never wore those well. Then there were those who encouraged me to do my MBA – that I would be better respected as a result of that etc. All the while I fought – knowing in my heart this wasn’t me – but still feeling “ashamed” because I did not have a brick and mortar business, with employees other than me, with beautiful office furniture, a view and parking for more than one outside.

I remember one former client telling me that someday I will need to come to terms with the facts and hire others to help me or else my business would not grow.

I just took a long, deep breath and exhaled powerfully.

You see I don’t want to have a fixed office, and all the external signs that prove to others that I am indeed running a successful business.

I have decided that what I want to be is a wealthy freelancer and the lifestyle and flexibility that goes with that! And I am extremely proud of this decision!

So today as I ‘come out’ as a freelancer – I want to encourage all you out there – who can identify with what I’ve written – to become freelancers if you so choose to do so.

Pick up a copy of ‘The Wealthy Freelancer’ (mine is en route via Amazon.com as we speak) and make sure to register for the biggest ever FREE online conference for solo professionals here.

I’m proud to be a freelancer.

I intend to be a wealthy one! 🙂

What about you?

One response to ““Oh so you’re freelancing…””

  1. This article shows your real self. I often wonder about having my own business, but its only a dream.
    You are doing a wonderfull job and I admire you a lot.
    Keep on that path.

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