What the story of Pinnochio tells us about intuition

Pulling strings and pushing buttons seems so ‘normal’ these days. Rather than try to foster healthy relationships many people focus their energies on either manipulating or plain old pissing others off intentionally.

As I pulled together my thoughts for this post, I came across this song by a group called the Dead Kennedys and their song “Pull My Strings” which I think sums up pretty much how many folks feel about themselves.

I’m tired of self respect
I can’t afford a car
I wanna be a prefab superstar

I wanna be a tool, don’t need no soul
Wanna make big money
Playing rock and roll

‘I wanna be a tool, don’t need no soul’ is precisely how we operate sometimes. As if only mechanical beings, we run on auto pilot, never listening to our intuitive self – the soul that quietly speaks our truth.

Which brings me to Pinnochio 🙂

In much of this story, Mr P. is hyperactive. He never knows why he’s doing something – he just acts on impulse. Deciding not to go to school might be understandable to some but when he joins Lampwick and the bad boys to go to Playland the consequences are disastrous. He is clueless as to the needs of others and when Gepetto tries to help him he gets boofed.

However when Master P ends up like Jonah in the belly of the shark something happens.

He has time to reflect on how he really feels about Gepetto and as a result begins to see himself clearly for the first time. To save his poor Geppetto he hatches the scheme of making the shark sneeze, setting them both free.

The shark sneeze scheme was not impulsive but intuitive, and Pinnochio finally got outside of himself and felt for another human being.

The end result?

Transformation – the puppet becomes a real boy!

Whenever we allow others to pull our strings or push our buttons, we are behaving as if we are without souls, unaware of our true selves, not making good use of the gift of intuition – puppets.

We are not puppets. Let’s not act that way!

Pinnochio Photo from scrapetv.com http://bit.ly/bRzbjI
Guitar strings photo courtesy George Emmanuelle Photography

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