I am rich and didn’t know it!

I did not win the Lotto and my rich uncle did not die and leave me all his money.

I’ve been really blessed with great friends.

Each friend has a story to tell about how we met and many would claim that “they know me long time” (said with a trini accent of course! :))

Today I met one such friend. I remember going with him to buy his first fax machine for his business. I remember when he started to court his wife. I remember when he bought the land where his house is today!

Why am I sharing these details?

Well these moments and memories are like glue – that hold us together – give us connection and help us feel a sense that “we belong” – that someone has our back. This is comforting.

And I’m mentioning it because I am not sure that everyone has this experience.

I am mentioning it because while I care, nurture and keep in touch with my friends; while I tell my friends often how grateful I am that they are in my life, I never realized until this moment just how incredibly rich I am.

I never understood how wealthy I was until today!

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