Are you stuck in your own “Twilight Zone”? defines the twilight zone as a state of mind between reality and fantasy; dreamlike or hallucinatory state.

It’s natural to dream and to want a better life but we must be careful if all we’re doing is ‘dreaming’ and ‘wanting’.

Sometimes we can become mired in the zone between reality and fantasy and remain stuck unable to see beyond where we are. What happens in this zone is we spin circles, rehashing the same points, identifying all the reasons why we can’t remaining within the confines of the circle of our present reality.

Escaping the twilight zone isn’t easy because believe it or not – it’s comfortable. We get so comfortable telling the same story, experiencing the same results that we sometimes stay stuck for a very long time. But there’s hope – light at the end of the tunnel.

MSN Encarta provides another definition for twilight zone which is the lowest part of the sea with light: the lowest layer of the sea that natural light can reach.

Now think about it – when we are in the twilight zone we are only exposed to a little light – we’re getting light but not the maximum amount that we need.

So we need to look up and start moving towards more light –

  • Ask for help
  • Get professional help if that’s what you need
  • Read books
  • Search for others in similar situations who overcame and got out of their twilight zone

And once you get out of your own T.Z then be open to helping others get out of theirs.

Your world may need more light at the moment and the world definitely needs your light!

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