Knocking on doors is frightening

Before any door can be opened you need to knock. However we are usually afraid of what will turn up once that door opens. Robert Collier said in his book ‘The Magic Word’:

“The doors of opportunity are always closed. They have been since the world began. History tells us of no time when you could walk down a street and find any doors of opportunity standing open and inviting you to come in. Doors that are worth entering are usually closed, but the resolute and courageous knock at those doors, and keep knocking persistently until they are opened.”

We need to push past whatever fears we may have about what lies behind the closed door. We need to stop working on overcoming fear. I don’t think the fear ever dissipates like a separate act and then you get on with your life. I believe that life is an ongoing stream of various emotions that can sometimes carry us up to heaven or sometimes bring us close to hell but in spite of all the ups and downs and fears we must keep on knocking.

Most of us fail merely because we are not persistent in our knocking. We ask and knock once or twice and because the door didn’t immediately open we give up in despair.

In the sea of all your emotions and turmoil do not waver. Focus. Focus on the door. Knock. And then knock some more.

Paul Zane Pilzer, former economic advisor to two White House administrations says “If you just try something two or three times and it doesn’t work, it doesn’t mean you should give up. ” Apparently he explains you must have enough frequency before you can begin to decide that it’s time to stop or scale back your efforts. He makes another interesting point.

Apparently the Universe is set up with some adversity so we can build our faith muscle – so everything doesn’t work out EVERY time BUT – it does work out over time – therefore we must develop the faith and perseverance to follow our plan.

How many times you ask? Erm about 100 times according to Mr. Pilzer before you even begin thinking about scaling it.

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