A Message Worth Remembering

Luther Burbank was an American botanist, horticulturist and a pioneer in agricultural science. Born in Lancaster, Massachusetts, he received only an elementary education. At age 21 he purchased a 17-acre tract near Lunenberg, Massachusetts, and thus began his 55-year plant breeding career. On his last birthday Luther sent this message to his friends:

“As you hold loving thoughts toward every person and animal and even toward plants, stars, oceans, rivers and hills, and as you are helpful and of service to the world, so you will find yourself growing more happy each day, and with the happiness comes health and everything you want.”

I contemplated this short paragraph today and then came upon this – with the advice that I should remind myself of it frequently and repeat it every now and then when inclined to be disturbed by seeming difficulties:

“I so love that I see all good and give all good, and all good comes back to me.”

I tried it on one occasion where I was disturbed that a client was intentionally avoiding me and right after I received a message that they were in fact in a seminar. Earlier today I had left a message for another client and felt again that they may not be interested in what I was offering. (Do you see the pattern of how easily we succumb to defeating negative thoughts?) That client called only  minutes ago telling me what a challenging day they had and so they decided to return my call on their way home!

So although the advice was to repeat every now and then, I’ve written this down on a post-it right in front of my computer, I’ve written on a 3 x 5 card and keeping that in my journal and I’m thinking I could take a post-it to the car so that I could contemplate at the traffic lights or when in traffic – and I will be repeating it throughout my day, EVERY DAY, until it seeps into my system!

You may think one has nothing to do with the other but what have I got to lose?

Not a thing because as Burbank says once I’m holding loving thoughts – happiness and health will be mine! Small price to pay for such a huge return on my investment!

What a great message! 🙂

Luther’s photo from theflowerexpert.com

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