The Value of T-CUP

Before you can get to T-CUP you first have to TC…

or as Napoleon Hill describes it “Think Accurately”

Renowned as the world’s premier formation aerobatic team, the role of the Red Arrows is to show off the expertise of the Armed Forces to the very highest standards, through a display of professional excellence. Justin Hughes – former Red Arrows team leader said that all their training was about T-CUP.

When pilots fly their planes at amazing speeds, in close proximity to each other while completing highly complex aerobatics requiring split second timing, then T-CUP is vital. T-CUP is the acronym for “Thinking Correctly Under Pressure” .

I think you first need to practice accurate thinking before you can graduate to thinking correctly under pressure. Of course we are never given advanced notice for when this kind of thinking would be required however we would have been in preparation so when called upon to make a decision under pressure we can do so with confidence!

“Think Correctly” from
Napoleon Hill scroll courtesy


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