Can the slash effect work for you?

In 2007 Marci Alboher wrote a book aptly titled: One Person/Multiple Careers – a New Model for Work/Life Success.

She asks –

Do you have what it takes to be a slash?

“I dream of leaving my day job – or at least taking some time off – so that I can pursue other passions

I’m happies when I’m juggling tasks. Sometiems I do my best thinking when I put a project aside to work on something else for a while

I need a career that engages me fully but is flexible enough that I can spend time with my family or doing other things that nurture me

I often feel pulled in many directions – not because I can’t focus, but because I have so many interests and ideas

I’m comfortable with new beginnings. In fact, if I do the same thing for too long, I become bored by the lack of challenges

If you agree with one or more of the above statements, a slash career might be right for you. In today’s increasingly elastic workplace, people with curiosity, vision and a streak of independence can reject a conventional job and custom-blend all their skills and interests into the slash careers of their dreams.

Marci herself is an author slash speaker slash coach 🙂

Why do we think that we must decide on and follow ONE career for our entire life? What this means is that we often stifle the fun, creative, off the wall, interesting parts of ourselves and let our stern, serious, plain selves surface. UGH!

Hey even Barbra Streisand is slashing. In a recent Oprah episode Barbra revealed her new book “My Passion for Design”. Barbra shows her love of design through the steps she took to transform a drab property into her dream home.

And while you are having the argument in your head about “Barbra could afford to follow her passions because she has the money to do it” -meditate on this quote by Gail Sheehy – from New Passages: Mapping Your Life Across Time

“A single fixed identity is a liability today. It only makes people more vulnerable to sudden changes in economic conditions. The most successful and healthy among us now develop multiple identities, managed simultaneously, to be called upon as conditions change. Recent research also suggests that developing multiple identities is one of the best buffers we can erect against mental and physical illness.”

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