Taking ‘NEXT’ Steps 101

We’ve all been there. Great intentions – HUGE goal set – and then overwhelm descends like a cloud around us, binding our hands and feet, and sometimes our brain. Flash forward X number of years later and our goal is still to be attained.

Why is that?

Is it that we didn’t really want what we said we did?

Is it that it was unrealistic?

Well believe it or not, as simple as this is going to seem, even after writing the goal down (as all good goal setters do) we then THINK and THINK and THINK about it; remind ourselves for the first week after, that this is where we want to go and then we basically fall back in to comfort-zone-business-as-usual until of course we are reminded because a friend tells us of a recent milestone that they reached and then we remember “Oh yes…my goal…”

What we don’t do, right after writing down the goal is to write down the immediate NEXT step that we need to take to begin on that journey. It’s like walking really but until we jot down the next steps, chances are we’ll do nothing.

That’s it!

What’s the NEXT step that you need to take today to move closer to your goal (notice I’m not even questioning whether you have a goal or not. You do have a goal right?)

Get on with it then! (to borrow a phrase much my English pals! 🙂 )

Next step picture from http://www.lifesd.com
Power point slide from http://www.edweb.sdu.edu

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