What Advice Would You Give Yourself at this Time in Your Life?

I’ve been thinking about my life – its significance – am I doing what I should be doing?

For the first time it feels right. I’ve done things that I COULD do but didn’t necessarily enjoy doing. I’ve been paid for many  projects but was not fulfilled by the work.

Now I get to choose and that’s because I started to give myself different prerequisites…like

I must have fun

I must be able to make a difference

People must want more for themselves than I want for them

People must share my values

Clients must respect me and value my services

Now I’m giving myself some other tips.

Clients must have an exceptional experience when they interact with me. They must feel motivated and excited to explore ALL possibilities in their lives. Whenever they’re around me they must get a good feeling inside.

My advice to myself as I head into 2011:

Remember it’s a business that you’re running at all times. It’s OK to make money as you make a difference. The fees you charge announce your value and expertise – never be ashamed or bashful in quoting your fees. You may cause more damage to yourself and to the person you’re trying to help by giving away your services for FREE. This does not mean that you NEVER give. Simplicity is key. Always have in front of you your simple business formula. Ensure that you reflect every day on your mission, and values. Ensure that you don the right mindset for daily success. At the beginning of each day write down your number one goal and spend some time brainstorming at least twenty ways to achieve it. Don’t let business slip through the cracks. Maintain and update your client database often and design a one touch a month system for each person on that list. Be memorable. Be remarkable. Live your philosophy!

What advice would you give to you?

Image from http://www.scarletstarstudios.com

I welcome your feedback

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