Beware of ‘Word’ Narcotics

For many years I have been trying to find reasons why someone with obvious potential for greatness wastes their life and someone who, by society’s standards, was least likely to succeed, creates monumental success for themselves.

Having said that, potential is a word that I disliked. Only because I’d heard it so much in my life. “Why aren’t you doing X or Y? You have so much potential!” Grrrrrrr.

Now I’ve made my peace.

The discussion about my own potential made me uncomfortable only because I knew I could do better but really didn’t know what I needed to do. I was reading the ‘success’ books and listening to the motivational tapes and nothing was happening.

Well that’s not entirely true.

What was happening was that I was slowly changing my way of thinking and I was beginning to see myself differently – as someone able to really explore and begin living out my full potential.

But there was still something missing.


I was saying all the right things but I wasn’t DOING anything and that’s my  message today.


What we tell ourselves while doing nothing about it could be detrimental to our lives!

Jim Rohn calls it action versus delusion. He talks about the man who dreams of wealth and yet walks daily toward certain financial disaster and the woman who wishes for happiness and yet thinks thoughts and commits acts that lead her toward certain despair. They are both victims of the false hope which ‘talking’ without action can manufacture.

If we’re not careful, our words about what we’re doing can have the same effect like a narcotic, lulling us into believing that if we say what we want enough we will get it, somehow without action.This is why affirmations don’t work, that is without faith and action.

So please be aware of using ‘word’ drugs to temporarily soothe  your pain and numb  you temporarily from the effects of your inaction.

Robert Ringer said simply “Nothing happens until something moves!”

Erm that something I’m afraid is YOU and ME of course in the direction of our dreams!

Let’s rock the boat, fly the coop, wing it, or ANYTHING that with movement, will take us that much closer to fulfilling our true potential.

I love you potential!

And in case you need a summary of what I just said in pictures….


2 responses to “Beware of ‘Word’ Narcotics”

  1. I so totally agree. i work in an environment of heavy rollers. i am still doing my degree and some people may say struggling. yet i see the potential in what i am doing and learning. if i sit here and complain more i will get less done so i have devised a plan to make me comfortable and be humble as i move along! Oh where were you all my life giselle?

  2. Great that you have a plan. Your success is not determined by anyone else but you! And with regard to your last sentence – when the student is ready – the teacher appears 🙂

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