Three to get ready…

Have you ever truly listened to yourself? I mean like REALLY listen. We are good aren’t we? The way we rationalize – tell ourselves stories as to why we can or cannot do stuff.

  • I’ll go to the doctor when I lose some weight. I’m too embarrassed to go before that
  • I’ll start the business once I understand everything that needs to be done
  • I’ll write first thing in the morning providing there are no interruptions
  • Look how much ‘day’ has passed already. Perhaps I’ll start tomorrow

All these thoughts keep us in ‘three to get ready’

Remember the nursery rhyme:

One for the money

Two for the show

Three to get ready

and Four to go!



What we need more in our lives is to start things. I know there is some wisdom in planning beforehand and not just rushing into things but lets not plan so much that the important things in our lives never get done.

We have to learn to differentiate between our fear of starting and the use of excuses to justify why we have not started versus the necessary steps we may need to take or the things we need to understand first before taking that NEXT step.

We have mastered the art of telling rational lies.

But those lies only hurt us in the long run.

We need to start working with what we got. Stop stalling and start moving. Whatever you have right now is adequate to take that NEXT step. And before you know it – it’s four to go!

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