Success is…

Well first I want to talk a bit about synchronicity. You see life ALWAYS delivers. Thoughts are so powerful. You think a question in your head and voila! the answer shows up in someone’s blog post, or in a conversation that you’re overhearing or in a sitcom. You never know where you answer will come from which adds to life’s mystery and excitement.

And so it was for me regarding success. I ask myself all the time – “why aren’t you doing what you know you supposed to be doing? why do you always seem to sabotage yourself? are you afraid of success?” Sounds so simple. I am afraid of success and that’s why I haven’t been successful so far in my life.

But Molly Gordon, in her blog post today, digs deeper – how do YOU define success? If what you’re pursuing is not in congruence with your own definition then you will always find success elusive.

Yesterday I had a conversation with my sister. She was sharing with me her thoughts on my writing  – that it was insightful, accessible, friendly, open and kind…that she was really proud of me.

Feedback is VERY important and for a writer doubly so because not often do people provide feedback. You are in isolation as to if they’re reading or not and whether what you are writing is in fact affecting them in any way.

But feedback should be like icing on the cake.

Recognition and reward is an important value for me. I DO want to be recognized for my work and my contribution but what I realized after reading Molly’s article was that I need to define success in my own words so that I could identify and be aware of it when it does show up. If not then I might be passing it by, while pursuing someone’s  definition of it, never to truly FEEL as if I’m accomplishing anything – while telling myself  – perhaps you’re afraid of success.

Now I know the truth – I AM afraid of success that is not uniquely mine.

Read Molly’s post and then do yourself a favor – define your own success!

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