Do You Feel Tired ALL the Time?

Find the Energy to Live Your Best Life NOW!

As published in my Women In Leader Series Column – Express Woman – 14 3 2011

Post Carnival and many Trinbagonians are tired. That’s understandable. But I’m talking about feeling tired all the time. Do you? How many times have you said it yourself – “I’m tired ALL the time?” There are a couple of energy zappers that you may already be aware of so I’m going to take a look at a few of the less obvious ones.

First on the list is not having a big ‘why’ – something that you’re living for or working towards. When our life is devoid of goals boredom often sets in. Our only goal is filling up our time – more commonly described as ‘killing time’ with movies, TV, socializing, shopping, eating and sleeping. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with any of these activities, without anything else, fulfillment by them is temporary. Once you set the goal – write it down – commit it to memory. Direct every thought and all your energies into making it come true. Once you have that burning desire, you will develop an intensity of purpose that will allow you to simply brush aside obstacles that seem insurmountable. Develop a burning desire for something that you wish to have in order to reach a greater goal you have set for yourself and watch as your energy levels soar.

Another energy zapper believe it or not is indecision. Worry over unmet problems can leave you drained. Practise being decisive – become a doer. Energy thrives on activity. The more you do the more your self confidence will grow which in and of itself is a great energy booster.

If you are easily influenced by the opinion of others – watch out! If you are accustomed to asking everyone what they think before you decide consider this: You will never find peace of mind by allowing other people to live your life for you. Each of us has been given the right over our mind. We can think our own thoughts without interference from others. By simply exercising this profound prerogative over your own mind and life will lift you to great heights of achievement and take your energy levels up!

And what about debt? Remember – “I owe, I owe, I owe – so off to work I go!” Living beyond your means is a persistent energy zapper. Trying to keep up with co-workers and friends who have a larger financial resource than you will certainly create financial trouble. Sticking to the budget that fits your level of income can help prevent your energy from being zapped by worry regarding how to pay bills each month.

But by far the greatest energy depleter is negative thinking. Nothing is more deadly than this. It saps energy, causes facial wrinkles, makes us unpleasant companions and plays havoc with the development of sensible habits. “There is a silent, subconscious internal conversation taking place within our minds,” say psychologist Dr Jerry Schmidt. “This conversation actually determines how we feel about what is taking place in the external world.” Often says the doctor this inner conversation is so negative it can immobilize us.

And please, let’s not forget gossip. People waste so much time, and create a negative environment by gossiping. It is a real energy drain to discuss others negatively. In fact, next time you gossip, take notice how your energy is lower than before you gossiped.

So the big question is: what are you tolerating? Humans are great at tolerating! We put up with, accept, take on and are dragged down by people’s (other’s and our own!) behavior, situations, unmet needs, crossed boundaries, incompletions, frustrations and problems. You are likely tolerating more than you think.

Take some time to write down all the things from this short list that you sense you are tolerating. Think of other energy zapping areas in your life. How do you eliminate your zappers? For some of them, just becoming aware of, and articulating them will cause you to naturally start handling, eliminating, fixing, growing through and resolving them. For others, you will have to make a conscious decision to not tolerate that item, behavior, person, etc. any longer.

Once you see and feel the power of eliminating your energy zappers then you won’t want to stop until you have reclaimed all your energy and can channel it into living your best life now!

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