Live Like You Were Dying

I’m almost 47 years old and happy to be still here!

As human beings we all have that aspect of ourselves of which we might be ashamed –

It might be our heritage, that we were born illegitimately, or something else frowned upon by society – the “THEY” in our lives – What will THEY think? How will THEY feel when THEY find out?

It may have something to do with our lifestyle – that we are gay or nerdy or it might be an obstacle we face – a handicap, loss of sight in mid life, or that we are unable to process thoughts as fast as others seem to.

Whatever plagues us – there comes a time in our lives when we receive an epiphany that leads us to embrace whatever makes us different.

My favorite line is from the Color Purple “I might be ugly, black, and dumb, but I’m still here!”

Which brings me to the crux of this Sunday sharing:

We are all still here!

Life though is flying past FAST.

Ever saw those frames they need to create in order to create movement in old cartoon productions? That’s how fast life seems to be moving.

I just saw something I wrote in 2004 and although it’s relevant it wasn’t lost on me that SEVEN years had passed!

When did THAT happen? 🙂

So take Tim Mc Graws advice and live like you were dying.

It’s not morbid.

It’s real.

It’s embracing what is.

It is doing what you can with what you have – NOW!

Let’s do it! And do it! And do it! Then do it again!

Happy Easter Everybody!

I welcome your feedback

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