The Label of “Dumb” – What Does it Mean Exactly?

mocha momentsOr loser for that matter.Or any other labels that we choose to heap on the shoulders of our fellow citizens who may not catch on as quickly or who despite our own best efforts are not “getting it” or catching on fast enough.

I remember hearing Les Brown say that when he was in the 5th grade, he was labeled educable, mentally retarded, and put back from the 5th grade to the 4th grade. Thank God a teacher told Les Brown to NEVER repeat that phrase again in his class. Look at Les Brown today!

I live in a country where everyday people call each other dotish or some close derivative. And I’m not excluding myself from the labeling either. I’ve been impatient, dismissive and have sat up on my high horse looking down on those unfortunate beings who just seem incapable of thinking. But how dare me?!

Maya Angelou says “when you know better you DO better.” If I want people to DO better I need to provide the guidance and the environment to make that possible.

As an employer am I working constantly at a solution to improve the thinking and mindsets of those who work for me or do I expect them to slip into my employ straight off a conveyor belt “fully loaded” and ready to work?

As an entrepreneur do I sit with my ideas, too afraid to test them in the real world because it’s just too “up there” for folks to understand…they wouldn’t get it, wouldn’t want to pay for it etc.?

Dumb, loser, dotish, hard head, etc is what we call others when we mentally masturbate and think ourselves superior.

In my daily reading by Emmet Fox he shared that the Lords prayer is THE most important of all Christian documents. It is a compact formula for the development of the soul, he says. The simple opening statement “OUR Father”cuts away the illusions that the members of any nation, race, territory, group, class or color are in the sight of God superior to any other group.

Today is the end of the name calling for me. It’s time that I become part of the solution and stop feeding my own false sense of “better than.”

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