You Haven’t Opened All Your Gifts Yet!

mocha momentsI pluck inspiration from various places…I open books randomly…read whatever paragraph my finger points to and determine how I can apply what I’ve read to my life. I saw this suggestion recently from Paul Myers and tried it a few times. It’s like a mini adventure:

“Take any two books off your shelf at random. Open each to whatever page they happen to open to. Read the left-hand page of each book. Now ask yourself: How are these things connected? How could they be connected? And how does this relate to my goals and achieving them? Try this for just five minutes a day for 21 days. You’ll find that the process gets easier and becomes so much fun that you can’t stop after just five minutes.”

Today’s inspiration came from a facebook app: What God Wants You to Know. It said:

You haven’t opened all your gifts yet. Your life can be deeper than the ocean, larger than the sky and richer than all the minerals in the earth. You have so much potential. Do everything you dream of. Keep discovering yourself.

Today I encourage you to do just that. Look closely for what SQuire Rushnell calls Godwinks – miniature messages along the way that guide you to use your gifts and to be your best self!

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