a good story told by a bad storyteller wastes time

I was recently asked to collaborate on a commencement speech. The day of the delivery I was probably more nervous than the person delivering the speech…

Have you ever listened to someone deliver news on radio or television and hear or witness them stumbling as if it’s their first time with the information?

Have you ever gone to an event just because of the keynote speaker and felt underwhelmed as your hero or shero delivered a lackluster speech?

I don’t believe in writing speeches FOR anyone. I do believe in writing speeches with them.

  • What ideas do you want to convey?
  • What is your style: casual…conservative?
  • What is the one idea you want to leave listeners with?
  • What are some personal stories you can use to illustrate a few key points?
  • What are you willing to reveal about yourself so that the audience can connect with you?

These are just a few of the things you must consider when you decide to write a speech for someone.

The day the speech was being delivered was a rainy one…the rainiest of rainy days…keeping me car bound, relying on my phone and audio through my car’s Bluetooth.

I hung on every word as if I had no involvement in this speech whatsoever. What a delivery! She didn’t hurry, enunciated and made it hers!

This is the goal. Not for me to be seen, my ideas, or my thoughts. But for you to shine through, owning that shit, and delivering the daylights out of it like a champ!

A good story told by a bad storyteller wastes time and insults listeners.

Dan Rockwell

I couldn’t agree more.

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