How I Serve

Money makes the world go ’round!

This quotation was first used in a musical play ‘ Cabaret’, a 1960’s melancholy play. In one of the songs, the female lead expresses her wish for love and the male protagonist replies with this line in the song, implying that MONEY makes the world turn…not LOVE.

We spend our lives collecting, spending, lusting after, and worrying about money — in fact, when we say we “don’t have time” to learn something new, it’s usually because we are feverishly devoting our time to earning money… Michael Simmons – bestselling author and Learning How to Learn Speaker and Teacher

But something is happening right now that’s changing what we know about how to earn more money.

Knowledge is the new money, but not just any knowledge:


In order to be self-reliant, we must have this knowledge and learn how to convert that knowledge into money and results.

At Purple Marketing I teach people how to be self-reliant by providing the guidance, ideas, framework and tools [what I call the G.I.F.Tof Possibility] – to facilitate personal, sales and marketing performance insight – the knowledge that when leveraged provides the foundation for understanding what each person needs to do, to get the results they seek.