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How to Have a Good Day – Every day!

Very few people are intentional about their own values and beliefs. Additionally, very few people are proactive about designing their environment. Most people are in SURVIVAL MODE: which means they are living their lives reactively

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Are Success Stories doing us more harm than Good?

There are many stories of successful people in the world and as a result tons of “how to” books and guides have filled the marketplace.

I realized that all I was seeing was one side of all the stories told. I found out a lot about everything that worked, yet there was little shared regarding what didn’t work.

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Discover the Key to Engagement

Without any means to measure engagement accurately, no one can tell if things are really getting better.

If managers don’t understand what drives engagement nor the effect of their behavior on their team’s engagement, then they won’t be able to accurately assess their own impact.

Those leaders who identify this as a challenge are often afraid to ask for help, for fear of appearing weak or ineffectual.