Taking responsibility

We have just completed our General Elections in Trinidad and Tobago. In the United States Senator Barack Obama of Illinois, is trying to set himself apart from Senator Hillary Clinton of New York on issues including: The Iraq war, healthcare, diplomacy and Iran, in the race for President. [I managed to see Senator Obama on a recent Ellen De Generes show and he is definitely a very good dancer – though I’m not sure that’s going to affect his votes…who knows?]

As we listen we ponder which party has the better policies and how what they are proposing is going to affect us for the better. We must be careful though of relinquishing our power and letting Governments decide what is best for us.

Sure we have to live by rules, regulations and policies but hear me out. Do you feel as if you don’t have the power to make a difference?

Well let me shine a light on you, if you will and magnify your talents and innate abilities:

Are you aware of your gifts? I am here to tell you today that your playing small doesn’t serve anyone. There is nothing impressive about making yourself small so that others could feel “safe” around you and less insecure.

When you begin to allow the light in you to shine you give people permission to do the same.

Today I want you to consider voting for yourself. Take a stand for you. Look at your life – look at ways you could improve and make a difference. Take responsibility and become the change you wish to see.

Politics will be what it is. However do not lose faith in your countries. There is no other that can walk and talk and think exactly like you. You are unique. Take the challenge: Become an island of excellence!

I welcome your feedback

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