If you really knew me…

Popular folks have a hard time keeping their “dark” sides to themselves. Everything that happens in their lives is “news”. And today, with all the social media leveraging, and devices that make it easier to have the Internet in the palms of our hands – “news” spreads FAST!

Robert Downy Jr., Whitney Houston, Tiger Woods and Lindsay Lohan come to mind.

We feel great when stuff happens to other people because we don’t have to look at ourselves. We can judge and point fingers. We can make recommendations and find them wrong for doing what they did in the first place. We can piss on them from a height and then turnaround and walk away self righteously.

Yet we are all walking icebergs. What most people will see is the tip we choose to show.

If people REALLY knew you, they may not say the things they do, or judge you quite like they do. They may be less likely to make fun of you, or hurt you with their word swords.

But do you KNOW the real you or are you too busy fine-tuning the exposed ‘berg tip’ so that you look good, smell good, yet feel broken inside?

What would happen if you were to take a brave step in your life?

Not a 100 meter dash, not a marathon

…just a brave step?

Here’s some inspiration from Jana Stanfield…

And remember these words from Willy Jolly:

“A setback, is a setup for a comeback.”

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