Get acquainted with the ‘real’ you today…

I wrote a post yesterday called “If you really knew me…” and then I came across this post by my friend Dr. Marcia Reynolds, bestselling author of the book “Wander Woman”-called  Who are you?

Yesterday I was at a lime (for non Trinbagonians I’ll let Queen Latifah explain what that is here 🙂 ), and I met this guy who told me that he was unable to spend time by himself. He must ALWAYS have something to do. I must confess I was just like him at one time.

Now that I am older (and a tad wiser) I have learned the pleasurable art of keeping my own company. Back then, I went out because my friends wanted to go, or where I felt that I should go, and most times I did not have a good time. Now I find I can spend days at the bat cave (my pet name for my apartment) reading, without venturing out.

Watch that word should…when it comes up examine why you think you “should” do what ever. This will reveal many clues. We often ‘should’ on ourselves far too much.

Think about who YOU really are as you read Marcia’s post. I encourage you to do the exercise as well.

Don’t let fear prevent you from getting to know who you really are.

I’m still finding out, and learning from my past mistakes as well as from those things that I can celebrate now, BECAUSE I made those mistakes.

I welcome your feedback

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