The magic of writing your goals down…EVERYDAY

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Glad you got here and are reading this 🙂

I know that you don’t need another set of guidelines regarding goal setting. You know it all and you understand logically its importance.

I bet you also understand visualization yet, can you really visualize your goals…in detail…in 3D?

Although I would describe myself as a creative person, I have a lot of difficulty visualizing what I want. And so I have resorted to cutting pictures out of magazines of things I want to do, houses I want to live in and places I want to visit. The only thing is, I sometimes forget to look at it!

What I have found to be absolutely fantastic is simply to write my goals out (yes long hand) in my journal everyday! (Usually in the morning). I have also recently added reviewing my goals just before going to bed at night.

What are the benefits of this activity?

  1. It keeps me focused with my goals clearly in my mind at the start of the day. This of course helps me in making better choices since I want the choices I make in every moment to take me closer to my goals and not away from them!
  2. I can put my daily activities into perspective because I know I have an objective and understand fully why I must do what I’m doing NOW!
  3. Now I am more aware if an activity is NOT taking me towards my goals and can, sans guilt, eliminate it! 🙂

I would love to hear about any other techniques that you might use to keep focused and motivated on a daily basis.



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2 responses to “The magic of writing your goals down…EVERYDAY”

  1. Writing is really the best thing to set goals, they become clearly, and sometimes were erase them, because when they are on the paper we can see clearly that they can’t be reached, but the best it’s add a check mark when it is done. Nice post!

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