What’s your “signature dish”?

When I was attending Bishop Anstey High School back in the seventies 😉 there was an ice cream shop about two blocks away called Carvalhoes Ice Cream Shoppe. Of course you could get the one or two scoop ice cream option but I would save any money I got in order to buy one of their signature sundaes. In fact I remember it being so huge, that my best friend Rox and I would share one.

One of my favorite restaurants in Trinidad and Tobago is Joseph’s. I’ve known Joseph for a long time and have always enjoyed the experience dining there. The food is Arabic but what I love after dinner is the strong Turkish coffee with baklava for dessert.

Yesterday, I had lunch at Shore Things in Tobago. After having a small veggie pizza I decided to try the Pumpkin and Coconut ice cream. This was a first for me. I’ve had coconut ice cream – very popular here in Trinidad and Tobago – but NEVER with pumpkin. Suffice it to say – I’ll be having it again.

I learned afterward that it’s manufactured by J ‘N’ J Homemade ice cream and it was one of their signature flavors. Fantastic!

So let me ask you…“What is YOUR ‘signature dish’?

What are you best known for? What do people come to you most for?

For those who own businesses: Why should customers come to you as opposed to going to your competition?

I wish that I could give you one but all I can tell you is that you MUST have one.

You MUST give people a reason to choose you.

If you don’t have an answer to this question – I suggest you begin thinking about this today!

Photography courtesy Simon Howden (chocolate sundae)
and Suat Eman (baklava) @ freedigitalphotos.net

I welcome your feedback

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