Self doubt is a good indication that you’re doing this…

Have you noticed that right after you say you want to do something – set a goal that really is outrageous – something you’ve never done in your life – that self doubt begins to bubble up – almost on cue. What you do next is extremely important. You can continue thinking along the line of ‘it’s too hard to accomplish so I’ll try something else’ or you can ask yourself: “If it were not hard to accomplish, would I still want it?”

Your mind automatically starts chattering once you introduce a new possibility. So please – don’t panic. Begin to accept that once you introduce a radical idea to fulfill your deepest wishes you will get back talk. Check in with yourself to see if it’s coming from your mind, if you’re feeling it somewhere in your body, or you are reacting emotionally to it. Welcome it. Breathe into it. It’s actually the first sign that the possibility seed you planted is taking root.

So for example you might say “My life is a total success because I now run a thriving business doing what I love and helping people live more authentic lives.” The moment you say this to yourself aloud your mind might feed back a stream of back talk like “That’s impossible. You could NEVER do what you love AND make money. Why are you trying to tell people how to live anyway? Let people live their lives as they choose. It’s not your business if they’re suffering. You’re suffering! Right now you can’t even pay your rent regularly let alone support yourself without help from family members. Who are you fooling?”

How do you make a comeback after that? LOL

Well one things for sure, that back talk is coming from somewhere. Something in your past. Some experience that made your form a particular self limiting belief – old programming from your childhood right up to where you are now. So reach out and embrace the back talk. Learn from it. Be compassionate towards yourself and try to understand why you might be holding yourself back. What do you have to believe about you that you think you CAN’T do what your heart is singing to you that you CAN?

We all have the capacity to achieve so much more in our lives – much more than we give ourselves credit for. Take direction from your heart and then take the back talk info and fine tune it so that it harmonizes with your hearts desires.

If we get out hearts AND minds into harmony we will achieve all that we set out to.


5th Chakra image from
[A problem with the fifth Chakra translates into a lack of emotional control and rapid fatigue arising out of hypersensitivity to change.]

One response to “Self doubt is a good indication that you’re doing this…”

  1. … Very powerful … I love the concluding paragraph

    “If we get out hearts AND minds into harmony we will achieve all that we set out to.”

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