Are You Addicted to Persuasive Internet Marketing Emails?

I don’t know about you, but I keep getting sucked into every email revealing

  • Today’s most profitable business model
  • How to think like a superhero and succeed
  • How to unleash your own power to improve your life and achieve your goals
  • The 6 minutes to success

Words are powerful. There are numerous writing courses out there showing you how to use words to persuade and sell. Everyone Internet Marketer – knows how to use these words and I really do believe they want to help.

Except – when you are subscribed, like me to hundreds, with everyone claiming to have “THE ANSWER” – how do you choose?

One of the things I know I’ve told myself is that these people (the gurus out there) are much smarter and more rich than I am and so I need to buy what they’re selling if I really want to be successful. Except I’ve bought a lot and still not happy with where I am. Sure I’ve made progress but here’s my point:

Be VERY careful that you’re not relinquishing all your power and turning it over to something or someone “out there” that’s going to deliver you from your present situation.

No one is more powerful than you. And you still have to do the work and act on the information that is revealed.

No one can decide what’s best for you than you.

No one can ‘do you’ like you.

And it’s up to you – and you alone – to figure out WHO YOU ARE, WHAT YOU SHOULD BE DOING and the BEST WAY TO GET THAT DONE!

The key: Listen to your intuitive voice. If something is not sitting right with you – it probably isn’t right FOR you.

Follow just ONE path to some conclusion. Don’t be like me and try to follow several gurus at once. All you get is crazy and frustrated.

Not sure if there is such a group but perhaps there should be-

Internet Marketing Email Anonymous.

I would join because I realize I am addicted to the next best thing, which just leads me to the next and the next, without effecting any change in my life.

What about you? Are you addicted?

My name is Giselle and I am addicted to persuasive Internet Marketing emails.


I’ve said it!

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