Carron got her groove back!

Today I got a call out of the blue from someone who had a free session with me many moons ago following a group session I did for women called “Unleashing Your True Potential”. I couldn’t remember the name immediately but once she described herself – I knew EXACTLY who it was.

Carron, a fashion designer had lost her mojo. She seemed beaten down by life. She had recently lost her son and just couldn’t seem to get back into the groove. I remember encouraging her as much as I could but I felt helpless. With no children of my own I didn’t have words. Instead I just reminded her of her own power and that since she had put on successful shows in the past that she should dip from those wells and not the wells that brought her emptiness and sorrow.

Today Carron called to invite me to her fashion show tomorrow! She sounded great! Unfortunately I can’t make it as I’m in Tobago but  for those of you who can – please do!

Carron made my day today! Oftentimes I doubt whether I am making a difference. My insecurities surface regularly. I feel inadequate….unsure. My enemy within bashes me to smithereens often – what makes you think YOU could help people? And then I get evidence from a real human being – who benefited from the short intervention. So as I thanked her for remembering me and for inviting me to her show – she said “no. THANK YOU! for being there for me.”

This is why I do what I do. This is what makes me happy. This speaks to me of authentic success!

To find out more about Carron’s show go on line here

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