Insanity is – Doing Battle with yourself…DAILY!

mocha momentsI didn’t realize it until I read a post by Jonathan Mead about “How to Stop Betting Against Yourself” on the Tiny Buddha site, what I was doing to me on a daily basis. I think if I were to describe my inner critic it would be drill sergeant mixed with ‘always angry judge’. This was how I was motivating me. Looking at everything that I was doing wrong – how far off based I was from my goals – how slow I was in realizing the plans I put in motion – how long it was all taking. How could I have been so cruel? If I’m not on my own side – what hope is there really?

Now I knew already that I was my own worst critic. What I became aware of today was that I went into battle with myself every single day. No wonder I was feeling so low on energy, feeling like I was walking in a vat of molasses, and by my critic’s standards – not doing anything right.

Take some time today to listen to yourself. What does the conversation sound like? This is not about letting yourself off the hook. You can achieve anything without this insane battleground of mental abuse of your own creation.

You can read Jonathan’s entire post for his steps to getting back on your own side. I particularly loved Whatever your gift is, you need to give it to yourself. Whether your gift is being a great champion for others, identifying the genius in people, or getting to the root of disharmony, make sure you give this blessing to yourself as well. You’ll also be able to give more deeply when you’re fully supported and energized.

No more words…


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