Keep Your Job or Tell the Truth?

mocha moments

You have to understand: most people were scared around Bezos because they were waaaay too worried about trying to keep their jobs. People in high-level positions sometimes have a little too much personal self-esteem invested in their success. Can you imagine how annoying it must be for him to be around timid people all day long? But me — well, I thought I was going to get fired every single day. So fuck timid. Might as well aim high and go out in a ball of flame – Steve Yegge – [works @ Google now – used to work @Amazon]

digging for the truth

Why are we so afraid of speaking up – of saying how we feel – of speaking our truth? Lot’s of “yes people” around nodding in agreement daily and in their heads thinking “no, this is not the only way. However let me not offend da boss!” Just like Steve Yegge described. People waited to see if Jeff thought it was a good idea or not. They wanted to keep their jobs!

I love this graphic by Hugh Macleod who ALWAYS has an interesting way of looking at things.

Hugh says: It’s funny how we’re always walking around on the surface of things, waiting for some kind of clue that forces us to dig deeper into that thing we call reality, that thing we call life.

Giselle says: It’s funny how we’re always walking around on eggshells afraid to show what’s below our surface, waiting for some kind of approval before we reveal a bit of who we really are. Instead unless CHOSEN we remain basically unknown for anything really because we simply never told our truth.

Are you telling it as you see it or are you too afraid to express out of fear?



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