One Thing Worth Working On…

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If there is one thing worth working on, it’s the INNER SELF. Regardless of the way that works for you, it is the TRUE path. It is where FREEDOM lies – Kamal Ravikant [capitalization mine]

i-will-do-one-thing-todayI’m reading Kamal’s book now called “Live your Truth”. I think we all need to determine what TRUTH is for us. And this is an inside-out job. There is really no other way to feel liberated than to live out that truth once you find it. This is living intentionally, purposefully. Nothing else matters. You must do this work and not be concerned with time – how long it will take, or work – how much effort will I have to put in. Life is short and this is what the journey is all about.

You. AND your truth.

That’s it.



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