Wayne John inspiration…

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I don’t mind we practice the cultures that come from a foreign land
But we have our own thing right here
That needs even more attention…oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah!

That’s exactly how I felt after I saw Wayne John’s “His Story” and “Kill with Kindness” at Movie Towne, Tobago last Saturday morning. My friend Margaret Hinkson, mentioned that there was a short film showing at Movie Towne Tobago, that her godson Robbie Yeates was involved in. “Let’s support the youth” she said. I was curious and encouraged Anastasia and Deva to join me. “We on for this morning?” I sent a text for Margaret around 8:30am on Saturday morning. “Yes,” she said “will be there for 10”.

I am quoting Chris Tambu Herbert’s Culture (1988) arranged by Pelham Goddard. This should be an anthem of sorts for any Trinbagonian wanting to advance their dream…

I say a nation without a culture is a people without a soul
They’ll have no identification
Like a fool in a wise man’s world…oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah!
It is time that we become conscious and truly accept we own
Just remember your own thing comes first and charity begins at home
We must show more love for the things we own
For their future is our concern.

Wayne talked about the importance of us telling OUR story in our own way. I didn’t have a clue, before seeing “His Story” – about Delaford. But now I do thanks to Wayne’s vision in tapping into the mind of Delaford resident Alfred Gray who painted a picture of rubber trees, plantation living, seine hauling, harvests and soirees. Wayne, also from Delaford, understands the importance of knowing the history of his village.

I say the load may look very heavy and the road may seem very long
As you know success don’t come easy,
You got to work and struggle on…oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah!
It is hard for someone to love you if you don’t love yourself
If we want we culture to break through, we got to lift the load for weself
We must show more love for the things we own
For their future is our concern.

It is always challenging when you have a dream and no money. When you have the passion but can see no profit. Wayne described his film “Kill with Kindness” as not LOW BUDGET but NO BUDGET!

Tambu describes the success journey as tough but we need to love ourselves first. We need to believe in our dream BEFORE anyone can believe along with us. We need to be so full of conviction that no amount of rejection could dissuade us. We need to ask ourselves repeatedly “how badly do I want THIS?” Whatever “THIS” is when the going gets tough and we begin to question our own mental state and whether we should really continue.

This is the hardest part of the journey for most: building the mental stamina required to continue in the face of what appears to be negative.

We can all learn from this first step that Wayne took. To expose himself. To believe in his dream enough to start the process. To create something he felt was worth creating even though he felt he didn’t have the resources to do it. To ask for help and get it. To risk being ridiculed by others who didn’t “get it.” And that’s OK. Because what Wayne has now is the collective confidence of the group of people who showed up on Saturday to support him plus confidence in himself that he is a man of integrity – doing what he says he’s going to do. This is the stuff success is made of. This is Wayne’s story.

What’s your story going to be?



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  1. If we don’t read about “something” happening in the media, we tend to complain that nothing is happening… yet, Wayne John began doing his own ting right here, straight out of High School. It’s so good to see him getting community support and encouragement from people like you! Media absence doesn’t have to make a difference.

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