Is Success in Life and Business the Result of Heredity, Luck, Money or some Combination of these?

mocha momentsThinking this way certainly explains a lot of the results we see in the world. The disproportionate numbers between those who have and those who don’t is staggering. We are unable to see any major differences between us and them except that they were born into money, they got lucky or they were placed in the right environment with the best opportunities.

Yet you cannot deny that restless spirit within you that yearns for more, that is not content with your circumstances, that longs to burst out of your chest and claim what belongs to you. Is God such a cruel God placing all these dreams in your heart knowing that: the economy is difficult, that your take home pay is not taking you home, that you don’t have the education nor can you pay for it and you NEED it to make your NEXT move?

Dr Dennis Kimbro author of ‘What Makes the Great Great’ and ‘Think and Grow Rich – a Black Choice’ says that success isn’t due to luck or chance. Real success is a matter of finding yourself and building upon what you find. This seemingly simple process starts with examining our thoughts. Ralph Waldo Emerson said “we become what we think about all day long.”

On a plane ride recently I contemplated this statement “we become what WE think about all day long….we BECOME what we THINK ABOUT all day long…” We become what we think about but the THINKING is up to us.


The business YOU are in, the business WE are all in is the business of living. Dr Kimbro urges that the sooner we learn WHO WE ARE and HOW we became that person then we will be able to deal with the challenges that may have frustrated us in the past. Legendary Sales Professional Tom Hopkins author of ‘How to Master the Art of Selling’ says “You can gain all of the education in the world but if you don’t become the person you need to be to achieve the greatest benefit from that education, you might as well have stayed in kindergarten.”

If you are alive you will face challenges and adversity but what we usually do is to use the challenges and adversities we face as reasons to justify our mediocre or poor performance. We call it the truth and the reality of our situation.

Let’s look at some of the challenges:

  1. Is it a slow economy?
  2. No access to capital?
  3. A boss you’d like to meet on a deserted street?
  4. Competitors who continue to lower their prices and cheat you out of your bread and butter?
  5. That pushy new person who keeps sucking up to the boss and getting all the good projects?
  6. The rotten territory you’ve been given to develop which on the best day looks like wasteland in a low-budget Western?

Are you THINKING that you could AVOID some of these obstacles or THINKING that things would be much better if you could eliminate them? If this is your THINKING then get used to being broke or as Les Brown suggests “cash flow challenged”.

It’s really down to how you’re THINKING. No one is immune to adversity. Crap happens daily. But if you want to prosper then you have to stop complaining and find a way through, around, or over your challenges and adversities.

Here are a couple of tough questions to answer:

  1. Are you dissatisfied with your present status?
  2. What thoughts must you change in order to move toward where you want to be?

Think of it this way: You’ve bought a 1500 piece jigsaw puzzle. On the outside of the box is the picture you will see once all the pieces are in place. Is there ANY doubt in your mind that once you’ve put all the pieces in place that you are going to get that picture? Of course not!

You know what you want. And I bet you know how to go about getting it. You already know what to do to create wealth and success in your life and business. You’re just not doing it on a consistent basis. If I were to ask you about what you want, who you’d like to become and what you want to contribute in life – you could give me the answers. Your vision, your dreams and desires are like the outside picture on the jigsaw puzzle box. The reason and the ONLY reason you’re not getting that picture is because the pieces of your puzzle are for another picture. This picture is being created by your present thoughts.

Benjamin Banneker, a self-taught mathematician, astronomer, author of almanacs and inventor whose formal education ended before the ninth grade gave the following words of comfort to a poor black child on the streets of Washington D.C

“the strength of the mind is no way connected with the colour of skin.”

If you have struggled your entire life, If you have had setback after setback, if you’ve been disappointed, held back, overlooked, underpaid, discriminated against, paralyzed by your own fear; if you have been searching and seeking for answers your whole life long; for those of you who thought you found that sage who had all the answers only to be thrown into despair by his or her own shortcomings – leaving you empty and tormented then this is for you. Your time is now. No one else can live your life for you. No one else can progress toward greatness for you. No one else can THINK for you. You must do the THINKING and in so doing begin to shape your life. S.B. Fuller packs a powerful punch – words that I urge you to contemplate as you take the first step toward creating a better life “Never be content with what you are. Poverty is a disease of the mind. Everyone is born with a spark of divinity. It’s up to you to fan that spark.”



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