Why Do We Give Up So Easily?

mocha momentsIn a word – DISCOMFORT. We don’t like it. We prefer COMFORT. Anytime we start feeling UNCOMFORTABLE we quit-stop-throw in the towel – you get the picture.

Ideas make us interesting. Decisions make us bold. But only action makes us great! – Jeff Shore

I love talking and sharing ideas. It makes me feel as if I’m DOING something except it doesn’t get me very far. It doesn’t help me realize my dreams except of course if I’m talking from a stage and getting paid for the presentation!

This brings me to our chief DISCOMFORT ZONE – MONEY. No one likes talking about making more of it; we’d love to make MORE money but shhhhhhh  – we shouldn’t actually SAY so. If we GET more we’re happy. Just don’t be going around telling people that you want to make more money. Why? Because you should be satisfied and grateful for what you already have.

Which brings me to the overarching DISCOMFORT ZONE of most service professionals – WE HATE SELLING. It’s___________ <———–[insert uncomfortable here]

So in case you didn’t get it let’s look at what I’ve just said in equation format

No discomfort + No selling = No money

Memorize the following statement. Burn it into your brain. Tattoo it on the inside of your eyelids so that you can read it while you are sleeping.

Where there is no challenge, there is no change.

[From 5 ways to embrace discomfort by Jeff Shore]

Stop and write down your key discomforts right now. Don’t worry about your decisions yet. Just commit to an awareness of your discomforts. Doing that is half the battle.



Just heard some news about someone I’ve been trying to help. He doesn’t realize it but he keeps choosing to stay comfortable and it’s paining him to no end. But I’m using his news to stay comfortable as encouragement to me to NOT remain comfortable.

I observed myself today, attempting to avoid doing the stuff I had planned to do because some of the things on that list is scaring the shit out of me and that’s OK.

I am willing to go where my fear is because it forces me to change and grow.


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