Results or Reasons – Which do you have more of?

mocha momentsEvery day I read something that would make me stretch – want to be a better me. This morning this paragraph stood out for me from John Mason’s book *You were Born an Original (Don’t Die a Copy)*

If you are NOT getting the results you want, the REASONS are the lies you keep telling yourself. Lies and alibis create the false idea that you are powerless to make things any different than they are. Our reasons are our stories and our stories DEFINE us.

Telling ourselves the reasons why we can’t, why something isn’t happening may be comforting but that comfort is short-lived. If we’re not getting the RESULTS we want, pretty soon it’s damn near frustrating! Usually in this frustrated mode we are blaming some thing, some circumstance for our experience.

I was reminded today of a simple truth:


I have been frustrated with my own results. I have a list of people who have all sent me an email asking for my FREE e-guide.

This is the story I have been telling myself: I’m not sure if these people are my ideal clients. I have sent them emails asking them to tell me about the challenges they’re experiencing and where I could help. I have sent them emails offering them to have a conversation with me because I want to help. And I haven’t got any response. Maybe they’re not that interested in changing.

This is the truth about that story: I have not sent out enough emails yet to draw any such conclusions. I have sent an odd email here and there in the past, but I got gun shy because I didn’t get an immediate response and so instead of continuing to believe in myself and what I had to offer I resorted to the comfortable cushion of my excuse. In this past week – I’ve done a little better. I consciously sent out 14 emails. I have a list of over 700 people. 14 is not a representative sample.

Today’s reading jolted me out of my comfortable lounging on excuse-isle.

As I reviewed my week I realize that I need to reach ALL the people on my list before coming to a conclusion like the one I concocted’ which was really my ego’s way of helping me to not feel the pain of my fear and distract me into thinking that I needed an entirely new strategy; which would have set me back and caused me to waste a lot of valuable time.

The truth isn’t pretty because most times it points back in our direction and calls us out on those things we know we need to do.

Today remind yourself: I am willing to be the powerful person I’m capable of being and I CAN make a difference in my life!


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