Are Your Investments Generating a Dividend or Loss?

mocha momentsWhenever we talk about investments, we’re usually talking about money. Many of us know that we need to save investingmoney, invest wisely and reduce our debt. Few have a concrete strategy for saving and reducing debt and almost no strategy regarding investing.

While many of us would like to change the RESULTS in our lives, we often neglect to look at what we’re DOING and the returns on our ACTIONS. Everything we say or do is an investment. Whether it generates a dividend or loss depends on us.

I often say that we seem to all have a sequencing problem. It’s as if we don’t SEE that because we’re doing “THIS”, we’re getting “THAT,” and if we simply change “THIS”, we’ll see a corresponding change in “THAT.” In other words, what we sow we will reap. What we plant now, we will harvest later. It will never be immediate but that result is coming.

With this in mind, we need to look at our attitudes especially the one where we feel that because we are working for someone else that we’re not going to put in as much effort because THEY will reap all the rewards. Or the one where we secretly despise our customers thinking “I don’t WORK for you! You are not the BOSS of me!”

We need to start THINKING this way: Regardless of my situation I work for me. However I CHOOSE to work is a reflection on me and no one else.

Remember that time wasted investing in ourselves cuts down on time wasted disapproving others and making excuses.

Take a look today and everyday to determine how you’re investing in yourself, investing your time, and your focus. If you’re not happy with your results – stop wasting time blaming the target!



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