On Being Seen

mocha momentsI’m so happy I kept this note. I believe it was actually a response to something I wrote. My sister Melanie is wise beyond her years….

Melanie in MathildaI am an actress and no matter how many times I go out on stage, to perform or teach, I feel that knot of nervousness twisting in my stomach. The demons jump up and down on my shoulder and say

‘You want them to like you, they may not like you, you’re going to make a fool of yourself, they’re going to think you’re not entertaining, nobody wants to hear what you have to say!’.

I have one thing that I always do right before I make my entrance onto the stage.

I laugh.

I laugh because I get to play for a living. I laugh because I can do no more but hope that I can raise a smile or cause a stir in the onlooker. I laugh because it’s joyous to get another opportunity to make a student or client feel that they are worthy to be heard too. I laugh, because it’s fun to do. I laugh because it makes a noise, which usually makes stage management come over to check I’m alright, or shush me, which means I have to engage with them and it distracts me and before I know it…the curtain goes up…

Read more about Melanie and on the Fun of Starring in London’s Monster Hit Matilda


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