Relax and BE YOU

mocha moments

Inspired by my daily morning reading from It’s Your Time by Joel Osteen, I wanted to share:

Do not take for granted ANY of your gifts. Do not complain about those you wish you had! You have ALL you need to fulfill your purpose. It’s when we try to be SOMETHING or SOMEONE we’re NOT that life gets frustrating.


I’m learning that it’s easier to be me. I don’t have to perform. I don’t have to manipulate circumstances or other people. I don’t have to micromanage or try to control situations. I can just RELAX and be MYSELF.

Do you fully comprehend that you can be a BETTER YOU than anybody else in this world?

NOBODY can beat you at BEING YOU!

Quit worrying about what you DON’T have. Instead BE THE BEST YOU you can POSSIBLY be!


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