Allowing the Universe to Give You What You Need

mocha momentsThere was a time when I could sit for hours reading. I would finish a 200 plus page book in about 2 days. I felt centred, connected, in touch with the Universe. Whatever I read I understood immediately. I would underline; make notes; everything made sense.

The-universe-is-not-made-of-atoms.-It-is-made-of-tiny-stories.And then I developed this compulsion to constantly check to see what was happening on line in real time. Facebook, emails…check…check…check…

I noticed I would spend less time sitting, reading and absorbing and more time checking…

It would take me forever to read a book…sometimes I would not finish…anxious to start a new book.

I would re-read paragraphs trying to understand, to absorb.

It’s as if I was no longer able to access the mystery of the Universe – that connection that sent me messages and gave me clarity and helped me to make sense of it all.

So yesterday I decided to disconnect from my on-line malady…slow down my frenetic pace and read, journal….try to make sense of what I was reading and engage in activities that did not involve a computer.

I had an unusually refreshing day. I felt alive…free….back inside myself.

I was not able to read in the way that I use to…I suspect it will take more than just one day off from technology for that to happen but I have now introduced a firm rule into my life – declaring Sunday’s my technology-free day!

In a piece by Madisyn Taylor called Recharging Your Batteries she shares

In time, you might notice that the reasons you feel run down have less to do with how much you are doing and more to do with the fact that in your heart, you would rather be doing something else entirely. From now on, try and listen to what your heart really wants. It may take meditation, or just a moment of silent tuning in to gain the clarity you need, but it is well worth the effort. When you know what you truly want to do, and honor that in all situations, you will find that getting run down is a thing of the past.

For me, what my heart yearns for is to reconnect with the Universe…through those quiet moments when I’m reading…where insight appears as a light dew and I catch it just in time… as a ray of light sparkles through…and I am able to capture it on paper forever. Nodding my head I understand that something magical has occurred as I rest in the quiet comfort of knowing a small truth that helps me to somehow solve a small piece of a much larger puzzle.


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