When You Feel As if There’s Nothing Left…There’s More

mocha momentsI’m beginning to understand what I have heard countless wise individuals share in articles and talks…that you should never wait on inspiration or motivation…that you should just begin. I wrote a couple days ago about the ten minute hack which you can read here but he was talking about at the start of the day, when you are well rested and full of energy.

What happens though when you’ve been sick during the night before…had very little sleep…spent the day driving around doing stuff that had to be done…and when you finally return home there is no electricity?

I discovered tonight that in those cases you dig deep and do what needs to be done – in my case…write. Sure I didn’t know WHAT to write but I reminded myself that I made a commitment to me, to write daily and I was going to stick with that commitment…in good times…and in bad.

Caught a glimpse of an Oprah interview with Madonna Badger who lost her three young daughters in a tragic Christmas Day house fire. It was just one line that got me thinking. She said “You cannot THINK your way out of bed.” She was referring to her own desire at one time, to shut everything and everyone out and not leave her bed. At times she thought about joining her kids, as in taking her own life.

My feeling exhausted tonight and in a place where I felt initially that I had nothing to share does not compare to the tragedy that Madonna Badger experienced, considering she also lost her parents in the same fire! But I realize that the human spirit always has a little more to give. Sometimes we can lean in…just a little… to tap into that reserve; sometimes we have to dig deep. But it’s there…once we’re willing to cross over and take action.

I had to fight against my tired self just wanting to brush my teeth and get into bed. I had to fight against the sane voice telling me that it was just one day…one day…that wouldn’t make a huge difference if you didn’t write anything. It matters to me and it matters that I was able to reach into a part of myself that I don’t explore often…that part that can continue to produce long after I think that I’m depleted.

What about you? How do you feel during those times when you feel you have absolutely no more to give?


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